About Elena Pavlea

Elena Pavlea’s music has been characterized by music critics to belong to the Neo-romantic and Minimalistic styles of the 21st century music genres.
Born and raised in Athens, Greece, she became aware of the world of classical music…while listening for the first time a piano trio performing in the lobby of a hotel. ‘’I clearly remember that moment since for the first time in my life; I felt the intensity of musical expression’’ she says.




Piano Prelude: ‘’The Quest’’ - 2014
Piano Prelude: ‘’Inspiration’’ - 2010
Piano Prelude: ‘’Realization’’ - 2014
Piano and Cello: ‘’Tears of a Firebird’’ - 2005
Piano and Violin: ‘’Fruit Offering’’ - 2014
Piano and Saxophone: ’By the sea’’ - 2009
Piano and Saxophone: ‘’Risen Sun’’ - 2009
Piano and Cello: ‘’The Sleepwalker’’ – 2010 (movie theme)

Chamber Music

Piano Sextet: ‘’Euterpe: The Giver of Delight’’ - 2013
Piano Sextet: ‘’Ourania’’ - 2013
Piano Sextet: ‘’Karpon Spondi’’ - 2013
Piano Sextet: ‘’Thalia’’ - 2013
String Quartet: ‘’Blue-Sky Reverie’’ - 2016
Winds - Percussion: ‘’The Wild Blue Yonder Suite’’ (1. Shining to the Empyrean - 2. Essence of Cosmos - 3. Elliptical Galaxy - 4. Celestial Euphoria ) – 2020


String Orchestra with winds: ‘’Means of Escape’’ – 2019
String Orchestra with winds: ‘’Rainy Days’’ – 2019
String Orchestra with winds, accordion, mezzo-soprano: ‘’Dissolution’’ -2018
String Orchestra with electric guitar: ‘’The Shape of Freedom’’ 2019
String Orchestra with winds: ‘’Rainy Days’’ (from the soundtrack of the movie Rainy Days).
Full Orchestra: ‘’Euterpe’’ - 2019 version


‘’Bereaved’’ 2014 from the movie ‘’Rainy Days’’
‘’Means of Escape’’ 2014 from the movie ‘’Rainy Days’’
‘’Soundscapes’’ 2014 from the movie ‘’Rainy Days’’
‘’Nature’s I’’: Music for Artworks – Piano, Synthesizer (2016)
‘’Visual Echoes’’: Music for Video Art – Piano, Synthesizer (2012)

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